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To give you an idea, I can take our personal situation as an example: We live in a small house built in 1980, so our insulation is far from perfect. With the pellet stove we heat an area of ​​approximately 126 cubic meters (a rough estimate).

With an outside temperature of 5-10 degrees, and allowing the stove to burn for a whole day to keep it at a temperature of 20-22 degrees, we use about one bag of pellets every two days. At a price of around 4.5 euros per bag, that comes to just under 70 euros per month. That is about  0 euros less than what we pay in gas per month top pellet grills, in similar circumstances.

Unfortunately, this cannot simply be answered. It mainly depends on:

  1. your insulation
  2. the size of the room that you want to heat
  3. Over time I try to refine this calculation

Pellet Grills Uses

  1. Most pellet grills do not get piping hot, you can still touch them without burning. If you have children or pets, this can be much safer. If this is important, pay attention to the type of material the grills is made of at the time of purchase. A grills made of cast iron will retain more heat and may be too warm to touch in certain places.
  2. No burning smell. The first day your grills can smell a bit ‘new’ when it starts to burn, but after that you will have no problems anymore. You will not notice anything like ‘campfire smell‘.
  3. Safety: the chance of CO poisoning is non-existent. And all other things that could happen (power outages, impure combustion, not enough air supply, etc) are all provided and the pellet grills will respond automatically as it should. There are countless safety features built in. I trust him more than my gas boiler 🙂
  4. Enormous fun. That sounds corny, but that is something that makes us shy of how important it has become for us. A constant cozy fire in your living room with a seat or chair next to it quickly becomes the favorite place of the whole family to stay. I say that from experience 🙂

For nature

I put this in a separate chapter best pellet grills under $1000, because for some people this is not really the main issue (and I don’t blame you at all)

  1. You do not release extra CO2 into the atmosphere. The co2 that is released during combustion is just as much as the original trees have incorporated into their lives. Not ideal, I know, but much better than the extra CO2 that gas and oil throw into the system
  2. You heat yourself with a renewable energy source. Trees can (fortunately) be replanted as much as we want. Gas, coal or oil on the other hand is very finite. Again, it feels a little sub-optimal, but at the moment there is simply no better alternative to warm up with. So then I’d rather do something with something that we can repair the damage to nature.
  3. Pellets are mainly made from waste wood and sawdust. No trees are felled for it. Although one has to be careful with this: due to the great interest in pellets nowadays, there are manufacturers that are starting to do so. But you can protect yourself against that by only buying pellets with the good quality labels.