Here at OKU Home we’re not just about top quality, ready to use furniture that you can enjoy right away but flat-pack is an option many are turning to for convenience and savings, comparative to pre-built. The range currently in stock should fulfil your needs in almost any room in the house from the little bedside table to the full chest of drawers right up to double wardrobes. With instruction manuals being more clear now than ever, building it yourself has never been easier.

What’s that you say? ‘Flat pack is not as good as regular furniture’, think again. We don’t deal in the rough & ready stuff coming from China and the like, ours is quality sourced from Sweden so you know you’re getting the real deal which will last. And you know those Swedes – style and form are everything! We want you to enjoy the things we provide not get irritated by them falling apart after a year. And if you skipped the link above to a lovely garden table, go back and check it out, it’s solid wood with granite top – no chipboard here!

I bet friends and family will never know which furniture you have is flat pack and which isn’t – it’s that good these days. And you can be secretly chuffed that you built it yourself! And to help you out with your build here are

5 tips to help even the most naïve of DIY worriers:

1) When opening the packaging, don’t use a super sharp Stanley knife as you may damage the parts within.

2) Check all the parts with the instruction sheet – if anything is missing, give us a ring.

3) Make sure you have the tools for the job at hand (some are included) as it’s very frustrating running to and from the tool shed every five minutes.

4) Dust components down as tiny bits of sawdust may still be present and you don’t want them in your knicker drawer!

5) A cordless drill is a real time-saver but not essential, and use with caution as a slip could scratch.

There you have it.

In this blog we’re going to have a look at our new range called Designa which is super modern and slick, with clean lines and sophisticated appeal which could turn a drab home into a rather fancy living space. Being predominantly classic black & white with touches of chrome and glass, this new range will be timeless as well as gorgeous.



So what have we got then? Well, just about all you need to give your home a fresh new look from very sexy chrome & black bar stools and sleek chairs to big & beautiful glass fronted sliding wardrobes just aching for your designer threads. Swanky tables give a clean, modern look to any room and talking of modern, aren’t we all amassing a huge array of multi-media gadgets as our appetite for entertainment grows, so have a look at the new media units we have – big enough for your Sky/Virgin/AppleTV/Amp/XBOX/Play Station/HI-FI yadda yadda and all that darn wiring that goes with them!

Ever wanted a breakfast bar but the thought of ripping out your entire kitchen was just way too much effort (and money)? The new range features beautiful Breakfast Bars so you don’t have to! No more slobbing it on the sofa spilling cornflakes and snacks on the TV remote, and they take up less room than a dining table too! Currently, our bar tables are one of our most popular lines and we’ve had great feedback from happy customers.